Laminated Films

We employ a combination of different packaging films such as polyethylene (PE), polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP), paper and aluminum foil to formulate laminates which create a layer of insulation ideal for protecting products.

Available in 2, 3 or 4-ply structures, and boasting enhanced sealing capabilities, our laminates can be supplied in both roll and pouch form.


We manufacture a variety of pouches including center seal pouches, side and bottom-gusset pouches, vacuum pouches, stand-up pouches and more. Depending on your requirements, we can create pouches with resealable features such as zippers. Resealable pouches significantly reduce the quantity of air entering the pouch, helping keep your products fresh for longer. Through laser perforation, we can offer the option of tear notches which ensure consumers can open your package with ease. We can also print food grade logos in the sealing areas of the pouch. Transparent or clouded windows are another great option to enable consumers see what’s inside your packaging

Lid Laminates

Lid laminates offer easy peel and lock seal capabilities for products in the food, beverage and dairy industries.

These laminates offer superior barrier properties, in addition to excellent puncture and tear resistance, in turn extending the shelf life of products.