We manufacture a variety of labels including shrink sleeves, roll-fed labels, heat-transfer labels and self-adhesive labels.

Suited to a diverse range of applications, our labels can be produced with varying finishes such as matte, metalized, or gloss.

Flexible Packaging

We offer our customersflexible packaging solutions which extend product shelf life and contain high barrier properties to retain product freshness.

We utilize a broad range of materials to formulate laminates in both roll and pouch form depending on customer requirements.

Multilayer Films

We offer the choice of printed and unprinted LDPE shrink film which is used forpromotion and bundle packaging.

Our films can be tailored to specific application depending on carrying capacity, thickness and temperature specifications.


We supply a range of high-quality adhesive tapes including BOPP Tape, Masking Tape, Duct Tape, and more.

We can to tailor our offerings to meet customized requirements of color, size, depth and performance.