Shrink Sleeves

We are a leading manufacturer of PVC and PET-G shrink sleeves. These labels can be fitted to containers with extreme contour while maintaining 360-degree eye-catching graphics, which promise to make your product stand out on the shelf. Shrink sleeves also offer the advantage of adding a tamper-evident band, providing increased product security and scuff-resistance.

Roll-fed Labels

Roll-fed labels are durable, cost-effective and offer high application rates. Depending on the look your brand is trying to achieve, we can print wraparound labels on a number of different films to achieve a pearlized opaque, transparent or metallic finish. These labels offer high-impact graphics, and are also highly resistant to tearing and moisture.

Heat Transfer Labels

Custom heat transfer labels provide a unique “no label” look. These labels offer high-quality graphics which can be applied on up to 355° of the container surface, maximizing shelf appeal.

The heat transfer technology gives the container a permanent, lifelong visibility.

Heat transfer labels can be used for chemical, automotive, oil and paint products.

Self-adhesive Labels

Self-adhesive labels, also known as pressure sensitive labels, are compatible with almost any container shape or product type.

These labels are highly flexible and durable. They can effortlessly be applied to containers, bottles and packaging, as they do not need heat, solvent or water to stick to containers.